Model Home / Luxury Design

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For new construction neighborhoods and 1M+ homes, this stage includes higher quality furnishings and bolder thematic elements to accentuate the homes’ architectural design and bolster the higher asking price. Our stages are custom curated, we do not provide “packaged” rooms or menu driven ordering. Our designers personally tour, measure, and design while “catching the vibe” of the neighborhood and aiming directly at the demographic of the potential buyer.

Vacant Home Staging

With an experienced eye to the wants of the Austin Buyer, our stagers create a fusion of color, style and design to accentuate the unique assets of the home and create a compelling, inviting space.

We can also provide a partial stage. We typically stage the Master, Living Room, Kitchen and Baths with beautiful furnishings and accessories. We also like to add any unique spaces like an office, loft, or media room for maximum impact.

All delivery, pickup, and setup is included with no surprises except the delight on the faces of your potential buyers.

Occupied Home Consultation

“Walk and Talk”

We create a more “saleable” version of an already lovely home. We will provide a detailed plan of updates, clutter removal, organization, and streamlined decor plus helpful lists for Seller showings. We find the beauty in the current decor and modernize, accentuate, and streamline to show the home in it’s best possible light.

We provide the Seller with the concepts they need to declutter, pack, start to emotionally separate from the property, and get on board with the moving process and become part of the marketing team for their home sale. This one time visit provides the Seller with a finite list of tasks and an easy to follow code for what to pack and what to leave.

Photo Preparation, Occupied

Two Professional Stagers will put their careful eye to your client’s home in preparations for marketing photos. A second visit, after the initial “Walk and Talk” allows our designers to work within the home to create a pleasing and welcoming property that will engage the potential Buyer both in photos and in person. We use items that have been earmarked for staging within the Sellers personal items, and for an additional rental amount, we’ll bring in art, soft goods and a pop of color to enliven and brighten. We’ll help the property shine in a sea of homes online and create a compelling photo story.


Additional Services

  • Fixture selection, color consultation, light rehab recommendations
  • Photography, drone photos, video walk throughs
  • Flyers, social media images
  • Brokers Open events

Occupied Homes

When life happens and memories
are still being made in your home

Consultation – “Walk and Talk”


Photo Preparation

$450 *

Vacant Home Staging

Partial or full, we take those good
bones and turn them to SOLD!

30 Days


60 Days

$2600+ **


*  With art and accessories after initial consultation
** Monthly extensions at greatly reduced rates